Get in Shape for 2005

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The countdown to the new year is on and so are those resolutions to get in shape, and there's a way you can know exactly what you need to work on while hitting the gym.

On her lunch break from work, Kasey King is crunching calories. She's been a member of the YMCA for two years now and says her fitness regimen is very important to her.

"It just gives me a lot more energy. I feel better about myself," she says.

Around this time of year more folks are usually pumped about getting in shape, and the YMCA's "A New You for a New Year" could get you right on track..

Meggin Vanhook, fitness director at the YMCA, says, "Probably the top resolution people have is to lose weight, get fit, become more healthy, and we are going to encourage people to do that and offer fitness evaluations."

The evaluation includes a measure of body fat, strength and cardio testing and a flexibility test. The goal is to give folks an idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

Joanne Hardy, resource development director for the YMCA, says, "It helps to know what they need to work on. If you have a good amount of strengths and leave off cardio or leave off flexibility you're not going to have a well balanced program."

Once you have a workout plan, Meggin says, “Start off slow and build your way up."

And most importantly, resolve to stick to it.

Kasey King says, "I usually try and keep it as a lifelong goal."

It’s a goal that King says is no sweat.

The fitness evaluation is free at the YMCA. For more information you can give them a call at 229-226-3446.