Boys and Girls Clubs Getting Ready for '05

There was a meeting of the minds in Jefferson County Wednesday, those who supervise local Boys and Girls Clubs in Jefferson County examining the past year and discussing what can be done to enhance the clubs for '05.

Wilbur Davis of the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend says, "You can never get too much knowledge because the kids are learning very quickly. To stay up with them, you've got to do your homework."

Antonio Jefferson adds, "Ultimately, we'll meet with all of my kids in the same style and look at what we need to do over that was good, and not repeat the things which weren't so good."

Many in the group are site directors and also school teachers.

Geraldine Wildgoose of the Boys and Girls Club says, "We're in the 21st century, so we want our staff to be able to work effectively with our children because technology is everywhere."

Terrold Austin adds, "We're seeing what's working at my club and what's working at their club. We can coordinate with each other and network."

One site coordinator says the club's goal is to mix fun with education in addition to providing kids with a structured environment.

Sandra Saunders says, "They would probably go and hang out on the street, probably loft off in the home. They wouldn't have their academic life or future intact. This is the place where they can get all of these things."

And with all of the clubs combined in Jefferson County, site coordinators see an average of 300 children a day.