National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Open House

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee opened its doors Saturday to an eager crowd of science enthusiasts.

Thrills like an erupting volcano and a model maglev train are just a couple of the many exhibits at the open house.

"The discussion I get is the mag lab is a great thing for Tallahassee, but what do you do there? So this is our opportunity to answer that question," said Greg Boebinger, the mag lab director.

Yet answering that question can pose a challenge for the mag lab scientists, but one they must overcome for this open house.

“They need to be able to explain what they're doing to the general public so that can convey the excitement. They can explain what technologies might be coming down the road, " added Boebinger.

So in preparing for this open house, these scientists make sure they can be clearly understood by the general public.

"Apparently they can make things here spin faster than anyplace in the world, and because of that they can discover things here that they can't find anywhere else in the world. I don't know a lot about science, so this has been a real eye opener for me," shared Maureen Walsh.

So whether the exhibits are eye opening or just the basics of technology, it's the science of communication that appears to be the nucleus of the lab's open house. Mag lab officials say this year's open house appears to have brought in a record number of curious visitors.