Happy 100 Years!

Birthdays are special at any age, but one Sale City, Georgia woman is celebrating a unique one, her 100th birthday.

Bessie Bivins is marking a milestone in her life celebrating her 100th birthday, but a party was the last thing she expected. She thought she was going to a gospel concert.

"I guess they won't tell me nothing. I don't know nothing. I'm just glad to be here," said Bessie.

Bivins says she's grateful to be here celebrating a century of memories, something family members say is what makes her so special.

"Special for me to have a mother 100 years old. All my friends, none have a mother that is still living," said Jewell McDonald.

"You don't see a lot of people live to 100 years. She is very active; she still fishes, tends to her garden, loves to watch wrestling and loves to cook," shared her oldest grandchild, Jackie Strickland.

Her hobbies take a back seat to what she treasures most, spending quality time with six generations of family from her children to the newest member of the family, her great, great, great grandchild.

"It makes me happy to know they think this much of me," added Bivins.

She says she thanks the Lord for every day of her life. Even though she didn't reveal her birthday wish, her family had one of their own.

"We're hoping we can do 110."

Bivins says the best part about Saturday was being able to spend it with her family and friends. She offered no secrets to her longevity. She says she just lives everyday to the fullest.