"BTK" Killer Arrested

Authorities have captured a suspected serial killer who eluded police for more than three decades. They waited 31 years to hear those words. Family members of the victims of the serial killer “BTK” say the news finally brought some relief.

"We knew some day it would come. We didn't know when. We were just relieved," shared one family member.

Police arrested 59-year-old Dennis Rader, a city worker in nearby Park City, who they believe is the notorious self-named “BTK” killer.

The letters stand for "Bind, Torture and Kill," the method used in eight killings between 1974 and 1986. Police have also recently linked two more killings to BTK between 1985 and 91.

BTK's killing spree began in 1974 with the murders of a husband, wife and two children found bound, gagged and strangled. The killer taunted Wichita police and the media with letters claiming responsibility. He even made a 9-1-1 call to report one of the murders.

But messages and letters stopped and the case went cold until last March. After 25 years of silence BTK resurfaced, sending a Wichita newspaper a letter containing evidence linked to another murder.

"This has been the most intense challenging investigation in the history of the Police Department," said Cheif Norman Williams.

It’s a challenge not only for police, but also for the community who wondered for decades if a serial killer was still among them.