Tallahassee Police Nab Cocaine Dealer

Undercover agents describe it as a drug drive-thru, and this isn't the first time Theodore Melton has been busted for selling drugs there. It's the third.

The house on the corner of Main Street was surrounded and searched by deputies Tuesday. An undercover officer says he's bought drugs there twice since November.

"People pull up to his house, go to the back door, make contact with him and they would tell him what they wanted. He would give him the amount they needed and they would leave. It's just like a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant."

Fifty-five-year-old Theodore Melton was arrested Tuesday and charged with sale of cocaine, possession with intent to sell and more.

LCSO seized $2,400 worth of crack, 20 grams of pot and more than $10,000 in cash, but court records show that Melton has been arrested at the same address and accused of selling crack there twice before.

He bonded out after a 2001 arrest, plead no contest and was sentenced to probation. In March of this year, Melton was arrested at the same address again, charged with selling cocaine. Again, he bonded out, plead no contest and was sentenced to time served, four days in jail. Melton has already posted bond for his latest arrest.

Frustrated deputies say they will keep trying to put him out of business.

LT Chris Chase, LSCO spokesman, says, "We've at least got the attention and shown the neighbors we're down here and your calls and your tips and your information you give us does do good."

We talked with Mr. Melton's lawyer Wednesday afternoon, Don Pumphrey. He has represented Melton in each of his past drug cases. He had no comment on this one.