Luggage Left Behind Gets Delivered

For many, their luggage did not arrive, bad weather and computer problems conspiring to separate travelers from their baggage.

As people tried to fly the friendly skies to see family and friends for the holidays, the weather and computer glitches changed many of those plans.

J.R. Ainsworth, of Quick Bags deliveries, says, "Any time you have a problem, just one, there's a setback, but then if you have more than one…"

Nancy Brand went west for the holidays and is still waiting for her luggage to join her back home in Tallahassee.

Nancy says, "I just thought I would come up here and check this line of luggage. It's not here and it's full of Christmas presents and we would like to have that back."

But Nancy Brand isn't the only person waiting for luggage, not by any means.

J.R. Ainsworth says, "Wild. Luggage just keeps springing up from all over the country and world; thousands of deliveries this last week. About 3,000 bags have been delivered by us from Panama City, Dothan, Alabama, Valdosta, Georgia and to Keaton Beach."

Baggage runners say this may sound typical for this time of year, but it's not.

"Oh yeah, this time last year before the college kids got back we were basically twiddling our thumbs, waiting for something to do. This year it's just been a mad house," adds Ainsworth.

Quick Bags says this should all be cleared up in the next few days, just in time for the next rush of returning college students.

Quick Bags says that when the college students return to the capital city, it normally has about 500 to 800 lost bags that need to be delivered. This year's holiday situation is looking more like 4,000 bags.