Leon County EMS: Year 1

It's been almost one year since Leon County took on the daunting task of running the Emergency Medical System. Thursday, the county and EMS staff are declaring it a success.

Running an Emergency Medical System isn't an easy job, especially when you're the first person hired for a whole new system.

Chief Dan Moynihan with Leon County EMS says, "I was hired October 21st and we had to have the rest of the employees hired by December 31st and have the system running."

In his 28-year career that started off with him as a dispatcher, Chief Moynihan says running the new Leon County EMS has been the greatest challenge. In the year that Leon County has been in charge, the greatest source of pride is the improved response times.

"Rather than crews being in an apartment or station, and having to take the time to get to the vehicles, the crews are already in vehicles much like a deputy or a police officer. It allows them to respond more quickly," he says.

Leon County EMS has responded to 22,000 its first year. The average response time in the city is eight minutes, 25 seconds. In the county, 10 minutes, 52 seconds.

Derek Mitchka, a Leon County paramedic, says, "I think the best thing is we're getting to the patients in a lot faster. That makes us feel great."

County paramedic says, "It's been a fantastic fun ride, enjoyed every minute."

Chief Moynihan says that in the future, response times will only get better. Chief Moynihan says citizens can expect in the future to see more community involvement from the county EMS. One goal is to educate 1,000 people on CPR.