The Homeplace Shelter in Thomasville

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More than 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness each year. A Tallahassee man who was homeless now has a place he calls his second home.

Two months ago Matthew Hardy was homeless with no place to go. He had two options: stay on the streets of Tallahassee or find some help.

Matthew says, "If I had of went back on the street I would have been dead within a week. I was doing drugs and that's the whole reason I became homeless."

But he didn't have to go back on the streets. He found The Home Place Shelter for Men.

Nancy Mitchell, assistant director of The Home Place Shelter, says, "Matt was very, very thin. He wasn't stable on his medication, he was depressed all the time, and that made me aware that we needed to get him stable on his medication. We provided the Bishop Foundation that would get him stable on his medication and he can participate in groups. So now he's not depressed, his medication is stable. He's eating more. He's enjoying life more."

The 32-year-old has been drug and alcohol free since he came to Home Place.

"It means a second home. It's a place where I can lay my head at night and know that I'm safe without having to worry about drugs or where I'm going to get my next fix."

Hardy has even turned his love for preparing food into a job. He'll be cooking at a local restaurant when his rehabilitation is complete. It’s proof that good things can come of bad situations.

The Home Place Shelter in Thomasville has been open for two years and has helped more 60 men like Hardy turn their lives around.