Temporary Doubling of Student Population Imminent at Wesson Elementary

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Tuesday, this area will be bustling with Bond Elementary children looking for their new classrooms, and Thursday, Alicia Williams, a fourth grade teacher, found herself roaming around in a similar situation.

Williams was anxious about seeing her new classroom.

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's a nice-sized room. I'm sure my kids will do fine in here," she says.

Maintenance crews were busy putting the finishing touches on the 26 portables that sit behind Wesson Elementary School. They say there's actually not a lot left to do.

Justin Owens of Mathers Electric Company says, "Some of them, there isn't anything wrong, but some there's everything wrong. We had to rewire the principal's office. It's bad, but we fixed it."

The rest of the construction and electrical work will be completed Thursday, leaving the rest of the leg work up to the teachers, like unpacking all the boxes and straightening up the classroom.

Williams adds, "I have a lot of boxes, a lot of it is books. I'm just trying to see where I'm going to put everything."

By Tuesday, Williams' classroom will look more like a learning environment that may take some getting use to, but will serve its purpose all the same.

Williams says, "I am excited. I think the kids will be excited also. I think everything will go pretty good."