Dog Fighting Ring Uncovered in Gadsden County

Nearly 30 dogs were removed from the property. Deputies call it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty Gadsden County has ever seen.

The sheriff says dog fighting is a common activity in Gadsden County and they're working diligently to put an end to this cruel practice.

Gadsden County deputies were investigating illegal drug activity in the Sawdust Community when they discovered a much different crime: a dog fighting ring. They say the fights took place in a tent.

Willie Saucier of Gadsden County Animal Control says, “It's ridiculous for people to do animals like this. That's what we're trying to avoid now. We're trying to get to the point. Every time we hear of a dog fight we come out because you see the way the dog is looking; it's ridiculous."

Some 26 dogs have been removed from the house. Officials say the majority of the dogs were used for fighting and 18 of them have battle scars.

While our cameras were rolling, a fight erupted in the pens as one of the dogs clenched on to another dog's lower lip right through the fence. The end results can be devastating to see. One dog has had his lips completely destroyed, exposing several of his teeth.

Those involved in training the dogs and fighting them could face several charges.

Morris Young, Gadsden County Sheriff, says, "It will be an ongoing investigation. There will be charges filed for animal cruelty and dog fighting."

Deputies are still trying to put the pieces of this investigation together. They haven't made any arrests yet, but they say several folks associated with this dog fighting ring could be arrested.