Locals React to Asia Tsunami Tragedy

The effects are being felt all over the world. Robert Nini met his wife Laddawan in Thailand. It's a place they still visit together every three months. It's also one of the areas recovering from a deadly tsunami.

“We woke up and turned on the television, and I said 'take a look, where is it?' It's in my hometown, my mom's hometown,” says Laddawan.

"Over the course of three years of going to Thailand, you end up building relationships and friendships. You wonder how all of these people you know have faired,” shares Robert.

Some reports have the death toll well over 100,000 throughout Southern Asia.

In Thailand alone the number of dead is close to 2,400.

Sue Snyder owns a Thai restaurant in Tallahassee, but Thailand is where fondest childhood memories are found.

"My God, I cry, because it is so sad you know. I don't know what I can do,” says Snyder.

She says, lately, her customers have picked her up through a week of grief.

"My customers, they call me. One in particular says 'Sue, I hear about Thailand. If you need anything you let me know.' I say okay."