Liquor Stores Ringing Up New Year's Sales

As people stock up on their favorite bubbly to toast with at the stroke of midnight, local bars are getting ready for the large crowds, noise-makers and everything else associated with a rockin' New Year's Eve bash.

Liquor stores are counting down to their New Year’s Eve rush.

Elaine Baun came in early to stock up on her drink of choice.

"Just beer, it's a safer choice; it goes down a little bit slower,” Baun shares.

ABC liquor employees say this is the fifth busiest day of the year for them, and they opened early to accommodate customers.

"You have a lot of people doing parties for themselves, plus you have clubs that do parties. The largest we've ever did is anywhere from $1,300 – $1,400 in one sale,” says ABC Manager Ellis Cunningham.

And you'd better believe folks will be popping the corks of their favorite bubbly.

"New Year's Day we sell a lot of champagne, champagne, champagne,” Cunningham adds.

And folks really go for the gusto, buying the more expensive champagne like Moet and Veuve.

For those not trying to spend as much, Cooks and Korbel are popular picks. But, whatever your choice, always choose to drink responsibly.

"Have a designated driver, at all times,” Cunningham advises.

So you don't wreck your holiday, and you'll be here for many more to come.

Some helpful tips people can keep in mind for tonight include the following: know your limits, drink slowly, eat before and while drinking.