Speeders Beware

With the aid of enhanced surveillance techniques, officers know which drivers to stop before they even see them coming down the road.

Flashing blue lights; most of us experience that sudden feeling of alarm and even guilt when we think it's for us.

Although you might be surprised if you're ever stopped, you may be more surprised to learn how Florida Highway Patrol officers know that you're speeding.

"We're out here today running the aircraft which is up in the air flying above us today clocking people running through the lines,” explains Cpl. Brian Speigner of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Those lines are paved markers on the interstate the aircraft operators use to determine how fast each car is traveling.

And on this New Year’s Eve, Florida Highway Patrol officers aren't taking any chances with speeders on I-10.

Law enforcement officers say that many drivers speed on New Year's Eve as the try to get to their final destinations which can cause dangerous traffic situations.

"We're just out here trying to slow them down and make sure they get home to their loved ones or back to school as safe as possible,” Speigner says.

So as people drink a little more than usual and scurry to and from New Year’s celebrations around town, law enforcement officers remind us to slow down and obey traffic rules to cut down on traffic risks.

The Florida Highway Patrol monitors Interstate 10 with aircraft surveillance at random times throughout the year.