Local Health Issues in 2005

Starting Monday, even more Americans will become eligible for the flu shot, thanks to a steadily growing flu shot supply.

"The Centers for Disease Control has opened the guidelines to allow people between 50 and 65 to get the vaccine. And you'll remember before, it was only open to people over 65,” explains Dr. Lynne Feldman, District Health Director.

And with at least 100 doses of the vaccine currently on hand, health officials say the newly eligible adults should get their shots as soon as possible.

While we're ending the year on great news, when it comes to the availability of the flu shots in our area, local health advocates say a lot of work remains to be done in several different areas to improve overall public health in 2005.

"We will be looking at a number of children's health issues, including all sorts of infectious diseases,” Feldman says.

The biggest issue could be getting the Georgia General Assembly to finance prevention programs.

It’s a problem that could have a long term effect on the Peach State.

In addition to increased availability of the flu shot, officials are still predicting a mild flu season over the next few months.