Mold and Pollen Problems

March is right around the corner and allergy season is roaring in like a lion. We talked to a local allergist who says now is the time to take preventative measures.

Allen Johnson expected milder weather when he moved from Miami to Tallahassee seven years ago, but he didn't expect such terrible allergy symptoms. The culprit for these allergies is probably standing tall right in your backyard.

Dr. Ronald Saff, an allergist, says, "There's more trees than any other state and if you look outside at how many trees we have here in the beautiful north of Florida, you can see that there's just plenty of them and it's the potent tree pollen that induces misery on so many people that have underlying allergies."

Even the small elm and red maple pollens are enough to send many folks into an allergy fit. There are many other allergens out there, so you should get tested to determine which ones can cause you to sniffle.

"People should really get skin tested to find out what they're allergic to. A lot of people think they're allergic to X, Y and Z, and it turns out they're allergic to different things altogether, A, B and C."

Once you know what ails you, then allergies are easily treatable with prescription or even over-the-counter medications. Also, be sure to wash your hair and change clothing before you go to bed so you don't breathe in all of those allergens at night.