A Hole Lot to Worry About

Andy Beery has watched helplessly as his dream home crumbled around him over the past couple of years. Cabinets are pulling away from the kitchen ceiling.

Andy says, "All along, everything has dropped, the cabinet, it no longer shuts, the crack in the ceiling from that too, also."

The blame goes to several sinkholes below his property that weren’t visible when he bought it four years ago.

There are little pockmark holes all over the front lawn, and now the ground dramatically slopes downward.

Homeowners in sinkhole-prone areas have found insurance increasingly more expensive and harder to get, forcing many into the state’s already overburdened Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

Lawmakers have heard the plea and they’re now considering creating a state pool to underwrite sinkhole coverage like the state does with wind damage.

Scott Johnson with the Florida Association of Insurance agents says a state-funded sinkhole pool would provide homeowners a needed break.

Scott says, "Lower rates, ultimately, and greater availability of coverage and options from regular insurance companies."

But there appears little lawmakers can do for victims like Beery, stuck with a house he can’t sell that will cost thousands to fix.