Fire Incinerates South Georgia Home

Ellen Daynard, a mother of five, says she feels lost and hurt after seeing everything she's worked for go up in flames.

Ellen says, "We have to start all over. We just got out with the clothes that were on our back."

The family managed to escape the fire that tore through their home around 1:00 a.m. Monday morning, a fire that's merely smoldering now.

Two of her children, Vick and Jhaamez, helped pick through the rubbish Monday afternoon.

Vick and Jhaamez say, "I feel real bad about it because we lived in the house for a real long time."

Daynard says she'll take it one day at a time to build her family's life back, and Monday was day one.

Daynard says, "We are out here going through our belongings to see what we can save; it's not much."

They were able to salvage a few pictures and clothing, but Daynard says what she holds dearest are those things that cannot be replaced.

"I thank God that we got out, that everybody got out the house," she says.