New Sheriff in Town

Saturday was the first day of 2005, and it was also the first day on the job for Grady County's newly elected sheriff.

Sheriff Harry Young spent his first day on the job swearing in his officers. They've all been briefed on his expectations of them and are looking forward to a fresh start.

"I'm proud to be working with Mr. Young; he'll do a good job," said jailor, Marquis Garland. "He's already saying the changes he is going to make."

They are changes inside and outside the office. Young has a laundry list of goals. The main one is getting drugs off the streets.

"I believe around the next six months to a year they are going to see major changes," shared Sheriff Young. "They are going to see drug abuse go down, drug dealers getting caught and sentenced."

Young is adamant about making Grady County a safer place to live. He plans to do that by starting a neighborhood watch outside the city limits and even starting a Crime Stoppers program.

Young says he's gotten off to a good start and everyone welcomes his ideas and leadership, he says making it better so the community can have more trust in its law enforcement.

There are two new deputies, a Chaplin and several promotions in the Sheriff's Office. Young also plans to get additional training for his deputies.