FHP Conducts Operation Safe Ride

The Florida Highway Patrol released some disturbing numbers Monday following a crackdown on those not wearing safety belts and aggressive drivers.

Talicia Scriven, a motorist, says, "I'm amazed. That's a lot, I see it on a constant basis, particularly coming from home, commuting from school. It's really crazy."

Over a two-day period more than 3,000 speed citations were handed out on Florida's roads; close to 400 aggressive driving citations and more than 500 citations were handed to those not wearing a seat belt.

Landis Ender, a motorist, says, "I actually have a brother who was in a car accident and who was not wearing a seat belt. Now he is a quadriplegic."

Heather Granger adds, "You can't go down the road anymore without seeing a major accident, three or four cars here and there, it's too much."

Area motorists feel Operation Safe Ride is a smart move on the part of law enforcement.

William Pritchard, a motorist, says, "With the law cracking down, I think it makes a safer place to be around here."

FHP officials say the goal is to not only enforce the law but to keep Florida's roadways safe. Operation Safe Ride was created in response to a growing concern over aggressive drivers and incidents of road rage throughout Florida.