Getting Fit for the New Year

Okay, it's here, the new year, and with it comes the number one goal of Americans: to lose weight, but instead of showing you pictures of people at the gym working to sweat away those pounds, we're going to give you some inspiration through some success stories!

Shannon Caldwell, a wife and mother, was a size 16 seven months ago, but not anymore. With 55 less pounds on her body, she has a lot to smile about.

Shannon says, “As you go through it, it becomes empowering. You think, ‘okay I can do this’ and along with losing fat you let go of the emotional hurt that comes with it.”

For Julia Webb she says her decision to lose weight happened during that all too familiar situation of trying on clothes.

Julia says, “In the dressing room I discovered I could no longer fit into a 16, and when I thought I'd have to go to an 18, I think I sat down and cried in the dressing room.”

Local centers such as LA Weight Loss report 2005 has many more people hoping to find similar success.

Amber James, LA Weight Loss manager, says, “We've even had people purchase their whole program and put it on hold until the first of January.”

But whatever program you decide on, these ladies want to weigh-in with some advice.

“Don't make it about will power, make it a decision, a commitment just like a marriage, and make it work.”

“Don't wait. I wish I had done it sooner. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. I get very emotional about it. It has enriched my life that much. I wish I had done it sooner.”