Tax Aide for Senior Citizens

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Tax season is right around the corner, and for many senior citizens on fixed incomes, getting help preparing taxes may not be affordable, but it is necessary.

While most folks dread tax season, Madavern Davis smiles and welcomes all the papers and forms with open arms.

Madavern Davis, a tax aide volunteer, says, "I started it to help a friend and my husband say ‘why don't you go on with it if you like it so much?’ And here I am 23 years later still in the program."

It’s a program offered by the AARP and IRS to help seniors file their taxes for free, a program in desperate need of volunteers to help seniors make sense of a somewhat complicated tax system.

Dorothy Williams, a senior citizen, says, "I have one close friend that gets hers done by them every year and she's done that for 11 years. She and I both moved back here in '93, and since that time she's used them and gone no place else."

Currently there are more than 250 volunteers in the north Florida area. South Georgia only has about 75. Organizers say tax aide volunteers make a huge impact in the lives of these seniors.

Davis adds, "Some of the senior citizens are so delighted to get that $52 of $104 back from Georgia that they act like you gave them 1,000 bucks."

It’s money seniors can pocket because of this free service.