Open Enrollment at Thomas University

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If you think it's too late to enroll for spring semester classes, think again. Thomas University uses open registration to encourage higher education.

Travis Stephens is the manager of Stafford's by day and an MBA student at Thomas University by night.

Travis says, "I've been in the program for nearly a year now and I'm really pleased with it. I like the small class size; there's a lot of communication in class with lots of discussion within the class. It's not just lecture. You can speak with students to get other perspective about the business world."

And he's getting the business education for a great price. The Master's Degree Fellowship Program pays 40 percent of his tuition. Sound good? Admissions counselors say it's not too late to apply for spring semester thanks to open registration.

Kerri Knight, TU Admissions Recruiter, says, "I think it's a nice thing, it really is. We have open registration starting next week, January 12 -14, and you could come in next week and get everything done and be able to start classes the following Tuesday on the 18th."

Knight says a GED is all you need to register for undergraduate classes. Interested in getting your master's? There are four programs to choose from, so you can start on a new degree for the new year.

If you live outside of south Georgia and want to take advantage of open registration at Thomas University, you'll get the same perks as a Georgia resident, including instate tuition.