Eject the Junk!

Homeowners in the city of Perry are fed up and they want their neighbors to clean up.

Elouise Pouncey, a Perry resident, says, "I think it is a very important thing that we as residents of the city of Perry should properly want to take over to clean up to make our town more beautiful, and it would make it more disease-free, too."

Resident complaints and prior failed enforcement attempts have prompted the city of Perry's Code Enforcement Board to take action.

William Lavalle, a Perry Code Enforcement Board member, says, "It would fall on empty ears. We wouldn't be able to get anything done. The code enforcement ordinance is something we're using, our attorneys have helped us draft it such that it has teeth in the law."

Under the code enforcement process, if allegations of code violations have been verified, a letter is sent to the landowner giving a 10-day deadline to mow or clean up the trash.

William adds, "If they don't do anything we can bring them in, in front of a jury of their peers. It's people in the neighborhood that would tell them that maybe they should clean up."

For violators who do not meet a final deadline, the city will clean up for them, send a bill for the work and possibly put a lien on their property.