Wakulla County Gets New EMS Director

County commissioners have just agreed on a new director for their ambulance services, a decision that took a year and a half to make.

When emergency calls come in the men race to the rescue, but not enough hands and supplies can create bumps along the way.

Marvin Walters, a paramedic, says, “We have to go from one call to another then to the hospital because we lack resources and ambulances.”

In Wakulla County paramedics are hard to come by and an ambulance director has been non-existent until now.

Walters adds, “We pulled together but really needed a director, and glad we got one.”

Not only did they get one, they got an old friend. It’s a surprise perhaps because the hiring process took more than a year and a half when Councill was forced to leave her post as Wakulla's EMS director. Her contract had been cancelled when Tallahassee Memorial Hospital pulled out of the county.

Since then, county commissioners hadn't decided on a replacement for Councill. Some say internal fighting kept the board from filling the post.

Continuing shouldn't be a problem with an old leader filling the vacancy and a friendly face planning their future. Councill begins her new job as EMS director on January 24.