HOPE Community Almost Ready for Residents

If all goes well, a portion of the HOPE Community will be open in three weeks to help area families get back on their feet.

It's a dream come true for Kay Freeman, director of Tallahassee's Coalition for the Homeless. She's part of a team building the HOPE Community, complete with a courtyard, cafeteria and living space for close to 160.

Freeman estimates a third of the occupants will be children.

Kay says, "People go through divorces and end up homeless. People leave abusive households as well as simply running out of luck. People lose their jobs or become very ill."

One of the buildings, the Family Dorm, is set for completion in the next three weeks with many of the other buildings set for completion in late spring.

Cheryl Phoenix, director of the Hope Community, says, "Some days it feels like it's going very fast. Some days it feels like it is never going to happen because we've been looking forward to it for so long, but it will, it's going to happen soon."

Plans are in the works with Tallahassee Community College for future residents to take professional enrichment courses.

Kay adds, "It's very big, it's enormous in fact. The closest center of this nature is in Jacksonville."

Freeman says since initial construction began, donations have poured in along with phone calls from individuals and area churches asking what they can do to keep the HOPE Community alive.

If you'd like to make a donation, contact the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless at 850-576-5566.