“Y” Doing its Part to Fight Childhood Obesity

Thirteen-year-old Jaime and 10-year-old Laurie both spent some time on the last day of their holiday break working out, something both girls say they usually make time for.

Jaime Richardson says, "Because it's fun. It gives me something to do. Actually, I know that it's good to be healthy."

Laurie Bankston adds, "Because I cheer and it keeps me in shape."

Thomasville's Everett-Milton YMCA is kid friendly. Fitness director Meggin Vanhook encourages them to spend time there, and for good reason.

Meggin says, "Statistically speaking, one-third of American children are overweight, which is scary."

The “Y” already has an aerobics class for kids and is now stepping it up a bit with a complete wellness program.

Vanhook adds, "What I decided to do was revamp everything, do the aerobics with, teach them how to use the weights and cardio equipment."

Molly Milam, an aerobics instructor at the “Y”, says, "The Wellness Program offers the wholeness of the healthy lifestyle, it incorporates the nutrition, exercise. With the computer games and DVD games, a lot of inactivity, we think offering this to our kids will keep them interested."

Hopefully they'll pick up healthier habits so Thomasville's children won't become a part of the growing statistic, but instead find a way to beat the odds.

The Wellness Program takes place after school and begins next Monday, January 10. It's for children ages eight to 13. If you'd like more information or to sign up your child, call the Thomasville "Y" at 229-226-3446.