The Low-Down on Lowndes Growth

Until now, folks looking to build or develop in Lowndes County have had a tough time trying to find and follow local building guidelines.

That will soon change now that Lowndes County is seeking public input to put all the building and development requirements into one simple 20-year plan.

Richard Lee, County Commissioner, says, "Basically this will help us pull together our development process so people who are building in a subdivision or building a new business that they will get less 'runaround' than they may currently be getting."

Developers who are already working on projects around Lowndes County say they favor a unified plan because it would make their job easier, helping get things done in a timely manner.

Jeff Lovell, an engineer and developer, says, "I think a unified plan is going to enhance the development here. I think development is already moving good around here, but I think this will make it easier for outside people to come in and understand what needs to be done to develop in Lowndes County."

County leaders say speeding up the process is important because time is money.

Lee adds, "The longer they're delayed in bringing about a new development, the less money they make and the less money is poured back into our community."