Disaster Relief in Georgia

March is National American Red Cross Month, and one local chapter is looking for some hometown heroes to help replenish some much needed funds.

Valdosta residents remember them all too well, Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. They destroyed many roads and flooded homes and neighborhoods, but through it all the Red Cross was there lending a helping hand. Now the Red Cross needs help replenishing the disaster relief fund through an effort called the Heroes Campaign.

John Fretti, campaign chairman, says, "We're trying to get $50,000 in 30 days. I'm not a big fan of long extended campaigns, so we're just going to try to knock this out in 30 days and replenish that fund."

The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Division isn't limited to just helping hurricane victims, they also help families whose homes have been destroyed by fires.

Penelope White, the Valdosta chapter chairman of the American Red Cross, says, "Last year we had the largest amount of single family fires in our chapter's history. Over 50 families were assisted."

And even though the Red Cross is asking for a minimum $1,000 donation, they say there are many unique ways to raise that amount.

White says, "You can polish cars or wash woodwork, or you can go talk to your grandparents and have them write a check."

But whatever your method of fundraising, organizers say the money will make you a hero in the long run. Folks have until March 31 to contribute to the Heroes Campaign effort.