Fired Up

Like the rest of the community, Ochlocknee's Mayor Raiford Long eagerly anticipates the town's new fire station.

Thomas County's fire chief says this project is long overdue. He says the station has outgrown its current location.

Chris Jones, Thomas County Fire Chief, says, "We have a unit that stays outside continuously. We do not have room for our three units at the previous location."

John Paulson takes pride in being a firefighter, but says at times he dreads coming into the office.

John says, "It's cramped, it's dark, it's not a very good place to be."

The new station is double the size of the old one allowing the addition of two more people per shift..

Chris Jones adds, "Our goal is to decrease response time and continue working with our volunteer fire personnel. They are a tremendous asset at this station."

Raiford Long, Mayor of Ochlocknee, says, "We got a nice fire station and were proud of it. They were in cramped quarters before. Now, they'll have plenty of room. It's just an asset to our community."

Jones says, "We're excited to move into the station and look forward to the change."

It’s a change that's helping firefighters fulfill their duties to better serve the needs of the community.