Entering New Waters

It's a place where fish tales are told, where the town guard dog answers to the name “Mullet,” where boats of all shapes and sizes decorate the riverfront.

In Carrabelle, the local hot spot is C-Quarters Marina, a business owned and built by Jimmie Crowder.

"I wanted to make it look like an old town, like a fishing village," he says.

Mission accomplished, but the popular marina is about to change shape. After several offers from developers, Crowder is throwing in the towel.

Jimmie Crowder says, “I really didn't want to sell it, but I reckon if someone dangles a carrot in front of you long enough you'll take a bite."

That carrot has been dangled a lot in these parts.

Bill Jolly, works in Carrabelle, says, "People buy a lot and then sell it, next person buys a lot, puts a sign on it and sells it."

It's become all too common, leaving the locals wondering what's next.

"Forgotten Coast Realty and developers say the marina is staying along with shops, condos and a riverwalk."

Negotiations are underway for the marina's public uses.

Russell Cohoon, a Carrabelle resident, says, "Hopefully won't change too much. Working people still need place to dock boats."

As for now the boats can stay, the gas still pumps and the dock is open to all at least until the contract is signed and sealed.