Law Enforcement Warns of Tsunami Phishing Scam

Many of you are sending in donations to help victims of the deadly tsunami, but some are taking advantage of your kindness.

Bob Breeden with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says you are the target of the latest “phishing” scams.

Bob says, "At this point there's been an arrest in England and there have been at least two other documented scams through e-mail or website."

An example of an e-mail asking for your donation has a link to a website. The problem is where the link takes you: not to a legitimate site, but to a scam artist.

Bob adds, "Many of them look very legitimate. They will use the logo from the bank or the company that they're ripping off to try and build the confidence in you."

Breeden says aside from taking your funds, the credit card and bank account information can be used to steal your identity.

He says you should not stop donating online all together, there's just a smarter way to do it.

"I would, if I received such an e-mail, I would go out on the browser and type the address myself to the organization where I wanted to make the donation," says Bob.