When Nothing Is Something

Bettie Viddler says she had a few spots she wanted to get checked out just to make sure they weren't cancerous, so she made an appointment to get a free cancer screening at Archbold Memorial Hospital.

Bettie says, "It's a nice deal. It really is ‘cause there's a lot of people that won't go and sit in a doctor's office and this gives them an idea of whether they need to or not."

After filling out a simple form so medical staff can contact her about her screening results, she was in an examination room. The screenings check for signs of oral and skin cancer. Women have a breast exam and men have a prostate check.

Physician's Assistant Bruce Allen says, "The idea is for us to try to find any cancers that we can in the early stage so we can find the treatment for them."

Allen says early detection can help save lives since treatments are more effective in the early stages of cancer.

Free screenings are offered at Archbold the first Tuesday of every month. Anyone can sign up and no insurance is needed. All you need is an appointment, and this simple screening could save your life.