Safe Up High

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New technology and a heightened awareness are two of the factors saving lives and keeping people flying the friendly skies.

Jim Durwin of the Tallahassee Regional Airport says, "Safety is always paramount within aviation."

The latest safety report for 2004 shows a decreased amount of airplane crashes across the nation. It's a record statistic for a record year of air travel.

"Passenger safety is our number one concern."

While safety and security are on the minds of everyone, fear levels have dropped, forcing travelers to focus on another item: customer service. From the x-ray lines to baggage claim, people may not be scared to fly, but they definitely have some grievances.

Leslie Hooks, an air traveler, says, "Just delays, they board on time but the takeoff time is much different than what they say on the ticket."

Sean McDowell adds, "I've noticed a few airlines have gone down in customer service, but it seems to pick up as companies grow stronger, which makes me happy."

Happy passengers aren't hard to find either. Take these two devoted flyers for example.

"I have total confidence in Delta, whether flying across the nation is pleasant or inconvenient."

One thing's certain: airlines are working on a better image and they're on the right track as safety levels take flight.