Hunters Beware: Know the Rules

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Deer hunting season is wrapping up and local rangers say this is the time they see a lot of illegal activity.

One of the duties for ranger Mike Binion is catching hunters who illegally take part in the sport.

Mike Binion, a ranger for the Department of Natural Resources, says, "We do get tips from people. Most of it is just leg work; we go out there, we look for it."

Since November he's issued nearly 50 tickets and warnings and has made several arrests, and hunters be warned: authorities will be out in force, this week especially. Sunday is the last day of hunting season.

Mike Binion adds, "We find quite a few people trying to get the last bit of hunting in for the week. Right now we're seeing a little bit of night hunting for deer still, some still hunting over bait. There's a few people we'll catch without a license."

Mark Binion, a deer hunter, says, "I'm pretty familiar with all rules. If I have a question I'll call a game warden or they've got pamphlets in the stores you can get."

Mike Binion says the rules are in place to protect the game, and for some hunters, breaking them is a gamble they take, but the stakes are high. There are fines and you can possibly face jail time and lose the privilege altogether.

Mike Binion says, “They know it's against the law. You keep doing it, sooner or later you'll get caught."

Authorities are on the hunt for violators. Hunters are advised to always know the rules of the state in which they are hunting because they do change when you cross state lines.