Leon County EMS Releases Financial Report

They promised to do better than their predecessors. Just days past its one year anniversary, Chief Dan Moynihan says the Leon County-run Emergency Medical Service is on target in more areas than one.

He says response times have improved, and while not all the money has been collected, the billing process is doing great.

Moynihan says, "Right now, it looks like we'll not only meet, but we will probably exceed our expectations and that's because we just got through our busy season."

The county did run into a billing problem after the initial take over of EMS from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. For about the first three months, Leon County EMS wasn't able to bill some of its transported patients.

Allen Rosenzweig of Leon County Management and Budget says, "We did have to wait for Medicaid and Medicare to issue numbers to us for billing, so that did slow down the process."

Chief Moynihan says, "We're still receiving money on that operation. Obviously if you do a transport September 30th, the last day of the fiscal year, you're not going to get paid September 30th."

Allan Rosenzweig says, "Leon County is very pleased at this point with our new EMS and how collections are coming in. Leon County operates the ambulance service like a business. We bill people, they pay us."

Leon County so far has collected almost $3 million for transporting patients and is expecting another $700,000 to $800,000 more.

For the current fiscal year, Leon County says it's slightly ahead of schedule, but is expecting to end up once again on target for EMS billing.