Mr. Food: Cheese of the Month

Say “cheese!” Mr. Food is slicing up yet another cheese of the month. For the month of March the gourmet guru has selected an Irish favorite

I'm naming my cheese of the month and it's the month of St. Patrick's Day, yup, Irish cheese! The Irish cheeses that are now so popular are found in almost every supermarket. All of them are a naturally rich golden color because their dairy cows feast on the lush green Irish pastures all year long.

What kind of cheeses are they?

The famous Blarney cheese is buttery smooth and mild whether it's a snack, a sandwich or it's melted. It's like the Blarney Stone kissing you back.

Their cheddar is tasting like the crumbly old-fashioned country cheddar we remember, but without the crumbling, so it's a for-everything and for-everybody cheddar.

Oh! Swiss cheese, both in the deli department or the dairy case. It's nutty, rich and mellow by its look even before we eat. Then the taste proves it, 'cause it just melts in your mouth. Plus, on your Reuben and your ham and cheese, it has everyone smacking their lips. They'll probably be a bit jealous of you also.

One of the most taste-rewarding snacking cheeses ever is Dubliner. It's like a cheddar, Swiss and parmesan all mixed together. I've yet to see anyone taste it and not love it; it's so unique and so continental that it's a must-try on a cheese board or a salad. One time and they're hooked! There are some sales on them in the stores right now, naturally, but don't limit yourself to celebrating St. Patrick's Day with them.

With Irish cheese, whenever, there's going to be some lip-smackin' "ooh it's so good!!®"