African Troops Return

Hundreds of cheering family members and friends lined a Tallahassee street Wednesday morning as 90 U.S. Marines returned from active duty.

The men have spent the past six months in the desert in the tumultuous horn of Africa.

The buses were greeted with cheers and screams from the curb. Family members struggled to stay there as the doors opened and the Marines rushed out.

The 90 men in the Fourth Marine Division were deployed seven months ago to the tiny African nation called Djibouti. It's sandwiched between Ethiopia and war-torn Somalia and just a stone's throw from the Arab oil fields. They provided security for a multi-national base there.

Phillip Tyree was greeted by the Lincoln High cheerleaders who happen to be coached by his sister, and for Sholanda and Michael Gaines this day means more than ever; they were married four years ago this day.

The Marines provided security for an international base. According to a Marine spokesman, all of them returned safely.