Providence Point Opens

A south side neighborhood in the capital city has a brand new addition that suits both students and small families.

We're talking about a newly renovated apartment complex.

On the south side of Tallahassee you'll find Providence, an older neighborhood often overlooked by developers.

Mayor John Marks says, “They've had a history of not being a desirable neighborhood to live in, but they're good people.”

They are people who the mayor says deserve housing that's affordable and enjoyable, something the brand new apartment complex hopes to provide.

Chip Perkins, the owner of Cabat Properties, LLC, says, “This is the first endeavor of remodeling what was once a downed apartment complex a year ago.”

That's when Cabot Properties joined hands with the city's community neighborhood renaissance partnership. Over $1.4 million of private funds were invested to renovate Providence Pointe.

The interior was gutted then outfitted with quality appliances and amenities, and the asking price, a steal of a deal for a one-bedroom home.

David Nerland, Cabat Properties owner, says, “We priced it competitively lower than units we think aren't quite as nice as these.”

They’re so nice that available units are quickly disappearing, a good sign for all involved.

Cabat Properties says they've already leased 30 percent of the units in the past 30 days. They run about $460 a month.