Simulator Demonstrates Dangers of Drunk Driving

Getting behind the wheel of a car is like second nature, but for some FSU students it was everything but ordinary. It was an intoxicating experience.

A drunk driving simulator gives students a real life account of driving after drinking too much.

Hector Marcia, an FSU freshman, says, "It's weird. It's the first time I've done one. It's a big difference from the way you normally drive. I'm glad people do this because there's a lot of people who drink and drive."

It may look like a fun video game, but it's no joke.

"This is the biggest joke to people. More people die from this than from any other drug in America, right here, alcohol."

Brian Beldyga, the organizer, says, "It's the first of its kind to show someone from a sober perspective how alcohol can affect reaction time and motor skills."

Here's how it works. The driver begins in a sober state, then his blood alcohol level gradually increases, making it more and more difficult to control the car.

Hector Marcia says, "This kind of made me realize with just a couple of drinks, my relay time is affected."

Brian adds, "Be safe. Be responsible. You are wielding a really powerful substance."

Combining it with driving increases the chances of a deadly outcome and the life you save could be your own.