High Honors to a Baseball Great

Even though a brick chimney is all that's left of the home where Jackie Robinson was born, his legacy lives on. Signs like the one entering Cairo City Limits act to inspire all who drive through.

Lula Hadley-Walden, a Cairo resident, says, "For children to learn and know about Jackie Robinson, it means a lot. It teaches them to try to better their education and never look down, always look up and they will do well."

Robinson not only set records in baseball, but was a pioneer for civil rights as well as a humanitarian.

His cousin Dr. Linda Walden says, "Greatness is defined by the service to give. Jackie Robinson truly exemplifies this by the service he has given to mankind throughout the United States and the world."

Dr. Walden founded the Jackie Robinson Cairo Memorial Institute, which uses his legacy to reach out to kids in the Cairo community by giving scholarships and sending the message that with a little hard work, you can achieve greatness just like Jackie.