Making the Fat Scat

It's the battle of the bulge and it's targeting our children. A recent study says one in five Georgia kids are overweight, and that's news health advocates in Lowndes County aren't taking lightly.

John Sparks, "Slim-Down Lowndes" chairman, says, "No one entity can solve this problem by themselves. Truly, a problem that's this complex needs a whole community wide effort to solve it."

That's just what programs like "Slim-Down Lowndes" and youth recreation camps plan to do, but how much exercise do kids need to keep those extra pounds off?

Health advocates say 20 minutes a day, three days a week on a playground will not only help prevent obesity in your child, but will also improve their overall well-being.

Brockey Brock, the Parks and Recreation director, says, "You know the physical part will also make them stronger mentally. It just make them feel so much better, but it also lets those children release that energy."

Nutritionists say it's up to the parents to get these kids active and to give kids foods they need, not those they want.

Joyce Akins, the Lowndes County schools nutritionist, says, "It's just not one of the priorities that a lot of parents have. They want their children to be healthy, but to spend the time doing the research to find out what makes a healthy meal is another thing."

Nonetheless, health experts say it's time well spent.