Childhood Obesity

In health news this Wednesday, one local family tells a very personal story.

A year and a half ago, Romeo Hill, a Fort Braden Middle Schooler, was overweight and diagnosed with diabetes, but today he and his mom have something to smile about, and here's why.

Although it ran in Georgette Carthon's family, it was still a shock when her son Romeo was diagnosed with diabetes in August of 2003.

Georgette says, “I just didn't pay close attention to the symptoms until after he was diagnosed.”

But that was the last time Georgette would let something slip by her. She says immediately she and her family made a change with the help of TMH diabetes educators. Now 15 years old, Romeo has a lot to be proud of: losing 50 pounds.

Romeo says, “It feels good because I can wear smaller clothes, smaller everything.”

Because of the dedication both Romeo and his mom showed, he is off of insulin, taking only pills.

Roberta Stevens, TMH Diabetes Educator, says, “I think the family aspect is the most important thing. Without Georgette it wouldn't have happened.”