Delta's New Fares

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Passengers flying Delta can expect big changes in the air. Tuesday we told you about a new direct flight from Tallahassee to New York. Wednesday there is more; the nation's third largest airline announced new fares for coach and first class.

Wednesday, Delta Airlines announced some new fare cuts. From now on, those flying one-way coach can expect to pay no more than $500, while those flying one-way first class can expect to pay no more than $600.

Ruby Harris, who travels Delta, says, "I think it is very good news because the flights have been tremendously high. I thought they were trying to make up for the people not flying post 9/11."

Delta is also adjusting its fee to change tickets, charging $50 instead of $100 to alter reservations.

Arthur Prevost, also a Delta traveler, says, "I think it's a great move. I fly Delta all of the time. I think one of the things that happens is when you're trying to purchase a ticket at the last minute it's too astronomical to make it feasible for most families to travel. This way the fairs are reasonable."

Delta is also doing away with the restriction of a Saturday night stayover to receive a cheaper fare. Officials with Delta Airlines hope with the lowering of fares and elimination of restrictions, business will take off.

Starting January 31, Delta will offer direct flights from Tallahassee Regional to JFK in New York.