Robbers Pose as Police to Steal From Victims

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Authorities are on the lookout for a pair of police impersonators in Thomasville. Someone was pulled over this weekend by two men in an unmarked car and then robbed at gunpoint.

These apparent impersonators are still out there, and though this is something that is very rare here, police want folks to be aware that it can happen.

What one man thought was a traffic stop took a turn for the worst. He pulled over on Cassidy Road and suddenly realized it wasn't a police officer, but two men wearing ski masks and dark clothes.

SGT Rachelle Denmark with the Thomasville Police Department says, "They stopped him in what appeared to be an unmarked police car. It was a dark area and two men got out of the car and robbed him at gunpoint."

The victim wasn't harmed, but the men got away with his wallet. Police say this incident is very rare in Thomasville, but it does happen. They say there are some things folks should keep in mind if you're ever in a similar situation.

In Georgia, only marked units make traffic stops with at least one light clearly visible from 500 feet to the front and rear of the vehicle, and unmarked units are used for felon or drug offenses.

Rachelle Denmark adds, "If you're a felon or a drug user and you see an unmarked car trying to stop you, you need to stop."

Denmark says if you're ever unsure, drive to a well lit area, but she says 99.9 percent of the time it will be a real police officer.

Denmark says, "Please stop for the police. Don't think this is a reason why I don't have to stop, because there's just going to be more trouble to follow."

Denmark says police officers usually don't make stops in desolate or dark areas, not only for your safety, but theirs as well.

Police are not sure if the impersonators are still in this area. The crime is still being investigated. If you have any information that can help this case, you should call authorities. There's an anonymous tip line you can call at 229-227-3305.