Bad Call?

Eddie Randolph has called Frenchtown home for 40 years both as a businessman and homeowner.

Eddie says, "I live right around the corner and that's why I don't want it here because it will become then something else we don't want."

Eddie and his neighbors are up in arms about a cell phone tower headed for their neighborhood. The 150-foot tower would occupy a lot of land on the corner of Gibbs and Fourth Avenue.

Residents see the tower as a step in the wrong direction.

Ernest Ferrell, President and CEO of the Tallahassee Urban League, says, "We are revitalizing areas. We don't want to go backwards, want to go forwards."

Using the power of penmanship, the residents gathered hundreds of signatures in hopes of pulling the plug on the phone tower, a plan they say came without warning.

Welbert Colson, a Frenchtown resident, says, "No one bothered to ask, no one bothered to say anything, just started making plans."

Vertical Solutions, the company building the tower, says that isn't the case.

Howard Douglas, Vertical Solutions Project Manager, says, "Ongoing for about a year, had several public meetings on site selected, met with homeowners association to addresses their concerns."

Residents fear as the tower goes up their property value will go down.