Kids Against Hunger Charity

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People all over the country are pulling together to help with relief efforts in South Asia. Among them, a group in Cairo, Georgia called "Kids Against Hunger."

Scoop, pour, pass, and seal; volunteers look like machines working as fast as they can to fill up the boxes.

Halie Andrews, an Eastside Elementary student, says, "We're packing food for the hungry because some people around the world don't have as much as we do and are less fortunate, so we're making meals for them to have food."

Each meal contains a combination of rice, soybeans, dehydrated vegetables and vitamins. Contents can be boiled over a small fire, ideal for people in areas with contaminated water and no electricity.

Anne Horne, co-director of Kids Against Hunger, says, "So wherever this package goes, if they need folic acid, if they're dehydrated, if they need vitamin B, if they need calcium, it's in this product, which is wonderful."

A box can feed 216. An entire pallet can feed 7,128 people.

Patsy Clark, Eastside Elementary Principal, says, "It's a wonderful feeling. We're here to serve. We're here to help, and we're so fortunate as Halie said, and we're such a blessed country that it's our duty to serve and help those around the country, around the world who don't have as much as we do."

Once the boxes are sealed and shipped at least 100,000 tsunami victims will be fed. If you don't have time, but have the money to donate, $50 is enough to purchase food and packaging for 216 meals.