Fleeing Car Crashes

Amazingly the men inside survived, but here's where the story takes a strange turn. It's usually quiet on the edge of the Apalachicola Forest, but early Wednesday morning, Dick Terranova bolted out of bed to the horrific sound of a car wrapping around a tree in his front yard.

Dick says, "How anybody lived through it, never mind getting out and leaving, but how anybody lived through that vehicle is amazing, unbelievable. You don't see wrecks like that in NASCAR."

According to officers with TPD and LCSO, the driver had fled from them twice in the hours before the crash and a deputy had tried to stop him again for running a stop sign just moments earlier.

LT Chris Chase, LCSO Spokesman, says, "Once he activated his equipment, the car left at a high rate of speed. He then later found the vehicle around the corner of Tom Roberts Road where it had crashed into a tree."

Amazingly, both men survived. One even managed to run from the scene. When investigators asked the driver why he fled so many times, he told them he thought there were warrants out for his arrest.

Try as they might, deputies say they can't find any warrants. The men aren't wanted and this potentially deadly run from the law was all for naught.

The two men in the car, 24-year-old Brandon Keller and 29-year-old David Woodard, are still hospitalized. When police initially tried to stop them for speeding, the driver may have driven away with a ticket, but now they will likely face charges for reckless driving and fleeing police too.