Remembering Those Who Fight the War on Terror

Leon County commissioners and staff are looking for something very special, pictures of troops fighting the War on Terrorism.

For hundreds of families, seeing their loved ones come home from serving their country from far away is an unmatched relief and pure happiness.

Decades ago, thousands of American businesses kept the home fires burning by displaying pictures of World War II troops who were stationed all over the world.

Now in Leon County, it's going to happen again.

Bob Rackleff, Leon County Commissioner, says, "I got the idea walking through the Florida History Museum and saw a photo of a store front completely filled with men and women in uniform."

Larry Davis, Director of Veteran Affairs, says, "This is a project to recognize the local folks who have done service on the War on Terrorism and it's a throwback on WWII how along all the store fronts on Main Street you had photos of men and women serving in the war."

The county is asking for picture donations, and will display the pictures in a storefront, which used to be the Black Cat News on Monroe Street.

Already, the county is receiving pictures from all over.

Larry Davis says, "It's just a wonderful thing and it's been warmly received. We're getting a lot of photos and I encourage folks to send in the photos."

Bob Rackleff says, "This is an expression of our appreciation and pride for our men and women in uniform and I would like everybody to submit photos."

Commissioners and staff say while the fight may be for a different reason today than it was during World War II, the feeling of pride for the men and women fighting is the same.