Teen Report: Tsunami Relief

After the tsunami, thousands of Americans came to the aid of victims. Some contributed money while others volunteered to help find those lost in the storm.

As teen reporter Andrea Mars tells us, some local teens are lending a helping hand with the help of a new fad.

The Marine Biology Club at Chiles High is finding a unique way to help tsunami victims, they're selling rubber bracelets.

Chelle Duncan, president of the Marine Biology Club, says, "We saw the fad with the livestrong bracelets and we came across this great fundraiser to support the tsunamis using the fad, and we decided as the Marine Biology Club it would be something fun for us to do, so we used the tsunami relief bracelets."
The bracelets turned out to be a hit, selling out within a week to people of all ages. The money collected from the sale is now going to a great cause.

Angela Breza-Pierce, a sponsor, says, “Doctors Without Borders is an organization where doctors will leave their family practice, or whatever their practice is, and they volunteer their time to go around the world to areas that have experienced a disaster to give out medical care, medicines and stay for a while on a voluntary basis just to help out needy areas."

They are areas that have been devastated by the disaster and could be revitalized by the sale of these bracelets and the caring hearts of local teens.

The bracelets are only $2 and are still being sold for tsunami relief